Desiree De Bruin

Deakin University Communications Alumni and social media marketing professional. With a creative flair for writing, video editing and creating content for multiple digital platforms to increase online presence. Below are a few of my published articles from my portfolio. 

Outrageous Outfits for Your Stylish Pooch, by a Melbourne Label

Faux fur, pompoms, sequins and metallic tees, are just a few of the eccentric designs produced by Melbourne dog-wear label Eye of Dog. Owner and designer Kathy Edsall started the label in 2016 when she couldn’t find any interesting clothes she loved for her chihuahua, Eyvi. “Everything looked really daggy on her,” says Edsall. “My dog is almost like a cat, she doesn’t care what you think, she’s always doing her own thing.” Edsall handmakes every garment with a fabric-first approach. “If I find

Pierre Roelofs’s Four-Course Dessert Degustation Is Back

An opportunity to try some classic Roelofs dishes from the last decade. Swiss-trained dessert and pastry chef Pierre Roelofs has been running Dessert Evenings for nine years now. That translates to an astonishing 279 different menus and a whole bunch of Melbourne venues that have played host to his delectable creations. Roelofs’s next stop is Terror Twilight in Collingwood, where he’ll be popping-up for three nights in August. For the first time, he's releasing the menu in advance – and you c

Hockey Dad band’s ground breaking performance (literally)

Australian duo Hockey Dad returned to the Corner Hotel on the 22nd of March to promote their ARIA nominated sophomore album Blend Inn. The album debuted at number six on the ARIA Album Charts this year.  This was their 4th show at the Corner Hotel this year out of a completely sold out Australian tour. Hockey Dad oozed with energy when they jumped on stage, the strobe lights flashed above the crowd as the guitar chords for My Stride strummed, showcasing their iconic surf rock sound. The crowd w

Serotonin Eatery’s Fourth Birthday Party

A healthy morning filled with kombucha, meditation and yoga. And all the snacks and activities are free. Serotonin Eatery is a plant-based cafe that aims to boost its namesake “happy chemical” in its customers and help promote healthy lifestyles by balancing work, exercise and nourishing food. Everyone’s welcome at their fourth birthday party this Saturday morning, including children, families and your four-legged best friend. Have a go at a training session on the Yarra River (BYO yoga mat),

‘What’s Normal?’ -Changing the Culture Around Pornography

“Culture can only change when people decide to do something different.” Laura Pintur is the founder of ‘What’s Normal?’ An organisation that empowers and challenges young people to think critically about the culture surrounding them. Ms Pintur led a campaign to take the controversial Zoo Magazine off shelves for good. She obtained 40,000 signatures, ultimately leading to the demise of the magazine.

New Technology to Catch Drivers on Phones | D•Scribe

Millennials are notorious for their obsession with mobile phones. The majority of people are guilty of checking their devices while driving and the consequences can be fatal. The Victorian road laws are stricter for red and green P platers compared to full licence drivers. Even on hands free mode, P plate drivers are not allowed to use their phones. In a survey conducted through social media, 84% of people said they have used their phones while driving, 55% said they check their phone at a red

Are Mobile Phones Ruining Concerts?

The distinct sound of my obnoxious, high-pitched singing can be heard in the background of majority of my videos. Recently I attended a Lana Del Rey concert, someone I have been waiting to see for years. After immense anticipation, queuing in seemingly endless lines and attempting to get as close to the action as possible, the moment finally arises. So, what does every single person in the amphitheatre do? They raise their phones in unison and press “record video”. I went with my Mum to the con

Advice for journalism students from an industry professional

Neary Ty is a Melbourne based crime reported for Channel Nine News. She has worked for the company for six years and began her career by studying journalism at Deakin University. Neary spoke to D-Scribe about how she became a television news reporter for one of Australia’s major media outlets. She gives her advice to journalism students on how to get their foot in the door of the industry. What university did you study at? I studied at Deakin University. I initially did a Bachelor of Arts, dro